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Learnings (So Far)

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

Search for, and gravitate towards, the people, activities and surroundings that offer you an authentic sense of peace and serenity

Believe in your inherent value - both as an individual, and as a contributing member of the world you inhabit
Strive to realise that value, carrying with you at all times the gentle confidence your special uniqueness warrants

Know your faults, and be willing to admit them: and not just to yourself
There are few things more empowering than honesty and vulnerability
Choose any partner wisely, in the realistic expectation that you may be their best friend, and they yours
The strength drawn from feelings of unity and interdependence in your most important relationship will go a long way to sustaining you through life’s inevitable tribulations

If you have children, love them unconditionally, and show them you do at
every opportunity
There is no greater responsibility, and for many no greater blessing, than parenthood

Approach all people with kindness, and avoid judgment wherever possible
Even those we know well face challenges we do not see, and cannot fully understand

When called upon, be a dependable confidant and counsel to those who rely upon you

Do not measure your circumstances against others. Whether you perceive a credit or a deficit, no good will come from such comparisons

Do not worry about that which has not yet occurred, and may never transpire;
the emotional energy we expend on such brooding comes at a cost, and can rarely be recovered

Respect, and endeavour to protect, the natural environment in all its forms;
it was here well before we arrived, and it will endure long after we are gone

Fear not what others think of you; a life lived respecting yourself, and favouring those around you, will have been its own reward

Remain ever open to the possibility of acquiring new knowledge, and to the stimulus new experiences can deliver
To shun novelty is to invite atrophy – of both body and mind

And finally, do not, if you are in a position to avoid it, die wondering
“What if ... ?”
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