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The Days in Between

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

It is tempting to see our lives as being the product of a series of significant events

The graduation day that bears testimony to application, and promise

The interview that launches a prosperous career

The wedding day that unveils a bride, or groom, and their partner in life

The arrival of a newborn that simultaneously delivers parents and grandchildren,

maybe siblings and cousins too

The act of bravery that unearths a hero

The victories and achievements regarded by many as the hallmarks of success

The tragic deaths that leave behind widows, widowers, or orphans perhaps,

but without doubt countless tears

In truth it is the days in between these events that define who we are,

and what we have become

For it is the resilience we exhibit in the eye of adversity

The perseverance we show when our goals appear to have eluded us

The generosity of deed and spirit we offer to those less fortunate

The integrity we display in the face of temptation

The courage we draw upon when what we stand for is challenged

The unstinting loyalty we extend to those who most rely upon us

that will continue to resonate in the hearts and minds of those who knew us

long after those red letter days have been forgotten by all but ourselves


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