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Counting Our Stars

Yes I took your laptop darlin’

And yes, I’ve been going through your phone

And it’s not that I don’t trust you babe

It’s that I don’t know why you feel so alone

There’s stuff inside that you won’t tell me

I’m trying to find the way to your heart

Cos all the hurt you’re keeping from me

Feels like it’s going to tear us apart

So, yes I’ve read your novella

The damn thing near reduced me to tears

And yes I read your poetry

So I guess that now I know all your fears

But just because I see who you are

And just because I feel all your scars

That doesn’t mean I’m letting you go

You’re still the person I need to know

Cos I’ve got things that I don’t tell

There’s shit that’s come my way as well

Some days I get as mad as hell - it’s hard

So what I need to say to you

Is can we sit and talk it through?

Let's try to peel away these facades

Now at last it seems I know who you are

Lying here beside you counting our stars

And there’s no chance that I’m letting you go

Yes, you’re the only person I need to grow

Stay with me baby

Please forgive me baby


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