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To the Power of One

From birthstones to tombstones

Via milestones and gallstones

This silent minority are often mere stepping stones for the ambitioned,

For the boneheaded phoneys and the seasoned moneymen

And those auctioneers of exponential baloney

Whose tethered iphones sit like millstones on their well-proportioned torsos.

Lampooned by the landed gentry and jettisoned by the jet set

It seems the humble and well-intentioned commoner will ever be

Outpositioned by the corrupted electioneers of virtue

And those cushioned baronets who remain determined

Not to be outshone by the Joneses,

And who sport their ill-gained confectionery on the masthead

Of their pirated schooners like a skull and crossbones.

Labelled looneys, and the psychoneurotic

Who would best be petitioned, sectioned or just rezoned

According to the self-appointed commissioners of the erroneous

The lonely are, quite simply, nonessential nonentities

In a world fashioned by and for the proponents and exponents of vacuous celebrity.

Separated from each other, and conditioned to accept their fate

Whether by the forces imposed upon them

Or perhaps by those they inflict upon themselves

They are abandoned prisoners

Garrisoned in their aloneness

But, unfettered, unbound and united

They are strong

And can be ONE

(Honeymooners even?)


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