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One Last Bedtime Story

And that’s the story of Woggie the Snoggie, and Wiggie the baby Snoggie.

Tell me another one Daddy.

Sorry Tom. It’s time for lights out now.

Another one Daddy. Ple-ease.

Alright then, but just a short one. So … um, ok, here we go.

A man walks into the shop where they sell little boys -

They don’t sell little boys Daddy.

They don’t? Then where did we get you?

I came out of Mummy’s tummy!

No. I’m sure that’s not right.

Anyway, in my story, the man goes into the shop to choose a little boy, and he says to the shop owner, “I want a little boy who’s kind, and clever, and loves to play, and who will make his parents happy and proud forever”.

And the shop owner says, “I think we have just what you’re looking for somewhere. I’ll go and check out the back”.

A few minutes later the shop owner comes back into the store and he hands the customer a little boy he has gotten from the storeroom.

And the man says, “Yes. Yes. That’s the one I want. He’s perfect”.

And the shop owner says, “I think you’ve made a very good choice there sir. I’m sure you’ll be very happy with that one”.

And then I said, “I think I will be too. Oh and by the way, does he have a name?”

I thought it was just a man in the shop, Daddy, not you.

Hmmm. You’ve got me there.

Anyway, then the shopowner said, “His name is Tom”.

That’s my name!

That’s right. And that’s how I got the most perfect little boy there ever was.

(He kisses Tom on the forehead, and heads towards the door. Just as the light goes out, a small voice is heard from the bed).


Yes Tom.

If I was the boy in the shop waiting to choose a daddy to keep forever, and the man brought you in I would say you were perfect too.

Thank you Tom. I’m a very lucky Daddy.

I’m very lucky too Daddy … Daddy can we go to the park tomorrow?

Like I told you earlier Tom, I have to go away tomorrow. And I’m going to be away for a long time … But I love you with all my heart tiger. And I always will.

(Silence from the bed)

But if - when I see you next time, we’ll do whatever you want to do okay?


Yes, I - I promise.

I’ll always love you too Daddy.

(A sniff can be heard).

Thank you Tom. You don’t know how much that means to me little man.

Goodbye now. And make sure to -

Dream big? I will Daddy.

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